Canon 1300D vs. Nikon D3300: High ISO Test

Canon-1300D-vs.-Nikon-D3300Both Canon 1300D and Nikon D3300 are entry-level DSLR cameras, but in the recent times the entry-level photographers are much keen to know about Canon 1300D camera. Canon 1300D was announced in this very year with magnificent specs and the photographers who are using this camera are also passing positive reviews about the overall performance of this incredible Canon camera. We hope you have already read about the discontinuance of Nikon D3300 and very soon we will get to the announcement of its successor (Nikon D3400/3500).  There are number of photographers who also want to know the cameras’ performance under the lowlight. Fair to say, shooting at the lowlight is very daunting task for the photographers. They have to struggle too much to acquire solid quality of images in those fading light situations and cameras lowlight shooting ability is mostly depends upon the ISO value of the cameras. Let’s see which one of these two cameras are making it way, when the other is falling aside.

Images at ISO 6400

Canon 1300D vs. Nikon D3300Canon 1300D                                                                        Nikon D3300

Images at ISO 12800

Canon 1300D vs. Nikon D3300 ISO                                Canon 1300D                                                              Nikon D3300

Doubt is nowhere, even if you just take a little look, you can easily observe that image produced by Nikon D3300 at high ISO range of 6400 is fairly more sharper than the image produced by Canon 1300D  at the same ISO level. After looking at the image, one can say that Nikon D3300 is capturing pretty more details of the subject where Canon 1300D image looks dull.

The highest ISO range of Canon 1300D is 12800; when we take one image each snapped by these two cameras Canon as well as Nikon  at the ISO 12800, then we can see that here again Nikon D3300 leaving a mark that surely impresses the photographers. Nikon D3300, even at this ISO range doesn’t miss to acquire the details portion of the subjects, plus noise are comparatively lower than that of Canon 1300D.

So, obviously, Nikon D3300 is the lowlight winner.

Click here to see comparison between Canon 1300D and Nikon D3300

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