Canon 1300D vs Canon 700D: High ISO Test


We already have compared Canon 1300D with its own sibling Canon 700D. Now are are trying to show you which one of these two cameras have better ISO performance at lowlight. In general, Photographers have multiple complaints about the ISO performance of camera. If you are the owner of any one of these two cameras or maybe you have made your mind to buy any one out of these two then here see their ISO performance.

Now look at their result at ISO 6400.

canon 1300D vs Canon 700D ISO test                       Canon 1300D                                                                              Canon 700D

ISO test at 12800        

canon 1300D vs Canon 700D ISO test.12800Canon 1300D                                                                          Canon 700D

From the above images it’s pretty clear that Canon 700D produces bit more noise compared to Canon 1300D at the ISO range of 6400. In other words, 1300D is able to grab more details of the target subjects compared to 700D. But when the same subject was snapped using the range of 12800 by both cameras, the amount of noise are almost same in both images. Fairly speaking, it looks like Canon 700D is making it chance on its last extended ISO range. After all, barely a human eye can read the difference.

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