Canon 1300D vs. Canon 1200D: High ISO test


One is successor and the other is predecessor. Successor is Canon 1300D and the predecessor is 1200D. Canon 1300D is the camera announced back in March of this very year, whereas Canon 1200D is with us for over two years. By the way, if we look at the specifications comparison theoretically, then we say the 1300D is Just the copy of its predecessor. Both of these two are the best entry-level DSLRs of present time, but what we are excited to see is their ISO results; so that the users whose primary motive is to shoot at the time when sunlight is on horizon means lowlight shooting.

Images at ISO 6400
Canon 1300D vs. Canon 1200D                                                Canon 1300D                                                       Canon 1200D

You should know that neither Canon 1300D nor Canon 1200D implement noise reduction filter, but still both the two cameras are great that produce very little amount of noise at the ISO level of 6400, that your naked eyes can’t notice it. Look at the two above images- it looks like two were snapped from a single camera. Means to say that difference are very negligible.

Images at ISO 12800

Canon 1300D vs. Canon 1200D ISO 12800                                               Canon 1300D                                                       Canon 1200D

Now turn your head to these above images that were snapped by Canon 1300D and Canon 1200D at the ISO level of 12800 (This is the Final ISO value of these two cameras). But here 1300D still managed to produce little clear image (noise looks little compared to 1200D) with bit fair details of the subjects. However, it is tiny difference and doesn’t matter much more.

So far, looking at the two images we can say that Canon 1300D is the right fish. In other words, if anyone has to choose one between these two for lowlight photography, then of course Canon 1300D is the camera they need..

Read the specifications comparison for Canon 1300D and Canon 1200D

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