Canon 1200D vs. Canon 700D

The Canon newly announced entry level camera  vs Canon mid range entry level camera, so we have expectations that we will see some major specification difference between these two cameras,

Now before we start you must know that the 700D features active phase AF points within the sensor and on the other hand the 1200D have traditional senor,

Canon EOS 1200D vs. Canon EOS 700D 1Major Difference

Canon EOS 1200D vs. Canon EOS 700D Specification Comparison Table.

Canon 1200D vs. Canon 700D 3

Image processor: Canon EOS 700D image processor is advance compared to Canon EOS 1200D,

The image processor is responsible for overall operational speed of a camera. A better image processor will give you fast AF speed, less shot to shot interval time and less start-up time, the image processor also decodes RAW file to JPEG format, a advance image processor will give you better output compared to older one.

Better low light performance – The Canon EOS 700D features more ISO range compared Canon EOS 1200D, the ISO range of Canon EOS 1200D is upto 6400, and Canon EOS 700D is up to 256000 only. Hence you will get more clear images with Canon EOS 700D compared to Canon EOS 1200D.

Top Continuous shooting speed: Canon EOS 700D features fast shooting speed compared to Canon 1200D.

Display: Canon EOS 700D features bigger and high resolution display compared to Canon EOS 1200D.

Canon EOS 1200D vs. Canon EOS 700D 2

Canon EOS 700D features  Fully articulated touch display on the other hand Canon EOS 1200D have fixed display, so we get more flexibility while composing our shot with Canon EOS 700D.

Battery Life (CIPA): Canon EOS 1200D battery rating is 500 shots and other hand Canon EOS 700D 440 shots. According to CIPA.

Weight: Canon EOS 1200D lightweight than Canon EOS 1200D.

Dimensions: Canon EOS 1200D is smaller than Canon EOS 1200D.

High ISO Test Between Canon 1200D vs. Canon 700D 

Canon 1200D vs. Canon 700D 5

Verdict: Based on specification review we recommend you to buy Canon 700D / T5i camera, the Canon 700D also features active phase AF points within the sensor hence you get fast AF Apeed during live view mode and during video recording. The Canon 1200D comes with traditional 18MP sensor used in Canon 600D / T4i.

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