Canon 1200D vs. Canon 600D

Canon EOS 1200D vs. Canon EOS 600D  – Before we start you must know that Canon used 600D sensor inside the 1200D camera, so you will see no major difference in the image quality of both the camera… now take a look at the specification comparison review

Canon EOS 1200D vs. Canon EOS 600D 1 (1)Major Difference

Canon EOS 1200D vs. Canon EOS 600D Specification Comparison Table.

Canon 1200D vs. Canon 600D 3

Top Continuous shooting speed: Canon EOS 600D features fast shooting speed compared to Canon 1200D.

Battery Life (CIPA): Canon EOS 1200D battery rating is 500 shots and other hand Canon EOS 600D 440 shots. According to CIPA.

Canon EOS 1200D vs. Canon EOS 600D 1 (2)

Weight: Canon EOS 1200D lighter than Canon EOS 600D.

Dimensions: Canon EOS 1200D is smaller than Canon EOS 600D.

Verdict: The Canon 1200D and Canon 600D comes  at the same price range but the Canon 600D features vari-angle display unit, bit fast continuous shooting speed and more controls at the rear side of the camera that will sure help you to operate it more easily compared to the Canon 1200D, hence we recommend you to go with Canon 600D DSLR.

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