Camera Vs smartphones production graph from 1933 to2016

CIPA released the current data of the production of cameras and smartphones from the year 1933 to2016. We can see clearly the much declination in the camera production comparative to the smartphones. Here, the graph shows that production of the cameras including Compact, DSLRs and Mirrorless showing their downfall in the interval of every year, which is not a good signal for the future of camera industry in coming days. But we will see the massive growth in the production of smartphones in coming days.

Photographer Sven Skafisk took the latest 2016 CIPA camera production data and explained as-“In a nutshell, photography is more popular than it has ever been – take a look at the rise of Instagram or Snapchat, for example,” Skafisk tells PetaPixel. “But literally 98.4% of the consumer cameras sold in 2016 were built into smartphones – only 0.8% were compacts, 0.5% DSLRs, and 0.2% mirrorless.”

“Where will we go from here? An easy prediction is that smartphones will continue to get better, and compact camera sales will go to near-zero,” he continues. “There will always be people interested in larger, more ‘serious’ cameras, and the camera companies that listen to these people and meet their needs will be fine.”

You can see the Upcoming Cameras of Nikon, Canon and Sony 2017 -2018



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