Camera Rumors 2017-2018 Round-up – Canon, Nikon and Sony

We are trying to measure the length of the list that contains all the rumored or upcoming cameras for the year, but the list seems too long. Well, 2017 has been a big year where we saw some of the great announcement from different camera manufacturers, such as Canon 6D Mark II, Sony A9, Nikon D850, Sony A99 II, Panasonic GH5, Olympus E-M10 III, Fuji X-T20 etc. Now there are still innumerable cameras available around that are due for desperate update. Once we published the list of flagship cameras to be announced by the end of this year or somewhere in 2018. If you take a dim look to the list we can see that two big announcements in the coming time are Canon 1DX Mark III and Nikon D6. However, the rumors on these high-end DSLRs are still taking rest! Now let’s see the list to know which camera is getting ready to knock the door of the market soon.

1.Nikon Rumors

Nikon D760


“When Nikon D760 is  coming?” is the most asked questions on the web but to be sorry there is no such a big information available on the web regarding its arrival. Quintals of rumors are circulating online that speculate different time periods for its announcement, but it is expected that Nikon would probably launch by the end of this year or in Q2 of 2018. Will be interesting to see the kind of specs it is going to incorporate or we mean to ask if the specs that it comes with would be worth waiting for (time will say). But we are sure that upcoming Full-Frame camera and the successor to the immense popular Nikon D750. (Click here to see more rumors on Nikon D760).

Nikon DF2


It is highly fair to expect that Nikon won’t release this very long awaited camera anytime soon in 2017 since Nikon itself is busy in covering all their High-End cameras announcement. Still there is no big information on the specifications of this upcoming DF2 camera but it could feature 24 MP or 20 MP sensor inside. We need to extend our waiting to see some reliable information on this camera.

Nikon 1 System


“Has Nikon Stopped the production of 1” camera system?” The answer to this question is still disputed. If you remember, you could know that last 1” camera by Nikon was Nikon 1 J5. DL-series cameras were announced but never came into existence. However, we can’t totally believe that Nikon has shut Down their 1” sensor camera business since Nikon didn’t say anything officially.

Nikon D6

No chance of Nikon D6 to get announced in 2017! By the way, we know that it is going to be a very big camera and we are guessing if Nikon would like to increase the ISO range or will let it be remained same (ISO 3280000) as of Nikon D5. But we strongly assuming to see 4K @60 fps with 20 fps of burst rate ( as we mentioned earlier). Nikon D6 will be totally a dedicated professional Full-Frame camera. Until now we have no big rumor and information about this Nikon D6 camera

2.Canon Rumors

Canon G1X Mark III

Canon almost covered up their primary announcements. The last big announcement by Canon was Canon 6D Mark II, which was one of the most anticipated Canon cameras. There is no chance that Canon 1DX Mark III is coming in 2017, but the camera that we highly expect to see by the end of this Year is Canon G1X Mark III. We have pretty good information about this Canon upcoming camera. The first one is that instead of its traditional 1” sensor it would flip to APS-C sensor and second is that its announcement might be set in September. We have no much information about the specifications of this camera.

Last year in October it was reported that there is a Canon Full-Frame Fixed-Lens camera to be announced before ILC Full-Frame mirrorless camera. That time it was told that the camera is under development. However, we have to end our line here because since then we have no sound information about this upcoming camera.

Canon 7D Mark III

Canon 7D Mark II is also due for an update! Almost three summers ago Canon launched this superb APS-C camera with attractive price tag and marvelous features. The rumor mills are still silent and therefore no adorable information we have to share with you regarding the specifications of this camera. But we speculate that we could see an Advanced 20 MP DPAF Sensor and we also greatly believe that Canon 7D Mark III must come with 4K video feature @ 60fps. We don’t have much more specifications information for you but you can read a nice article on 7D Mark III here.

According to the latest rumor Canon 7D Mark III may be announced in the Q2 of 2018 with solid 4K video function.


3.Sony Rumor

Sony A9R

Sony A9 is quite outstanding as well as insane camera was announced this year. Insane in terms of its AF points that is 693! Well, if we take a look at all the camera information we would probably see that Sony has some of the best cameras to be announced this year. First one is Sony A7III, in which rumors are surfacing very quickly, but at the same time the users are very desperate to see the Megapixel Monster camera. Yes! The rumor says that Sony A9R to come with 74 MP sensor. However, the further information has not been existed on the web so far, but we speculate it could hire some stuffs from A9 and A7R II.

Sony A7III


Speculation is too high to see it announcement sometime in the next three months. Rumors are surfacing in big volume. If you see the latest rumor then you can see that it is going to be “Baby A9”. As the rumor says it could feature insane 693 AF points.

Have a look at the rumored specs of the upcoming Sony A7III camera!

  • 24Mpx
  • 6fps with mechanical shutter
  • ISO up to 51200 (expanded to ISO 204800)
  • 693 phase detection AF (see here)
  • minimum focus sensitivity is EV-3
  • 4k 30p recording

Sony A7R III

Sony-A7R-IIWith Sony A7R II, the photographers reached to the next level. Also, it is Sony’s most popular mirrorless camera that surpassed other mirrorless cameras of these genres. Sony A7R III was expected to come in q1 of 2017. However, it looks like this camera will be announced at any point of 2017 with enhanced specs.

Sony RX5


So far the rumor we know about Sony RX5 is that it will have the same sensor, touchscreen and connectivity as of Sony A6500 and it will be APS-C sized fixed lens camera. As we expect when it is going to borrow most of the specs from Sony A6500 then it is fair to believe that it must have the same AF system as of Sony A6500 that is 4D FOCUS with 425 Phase-Detect Points. Moreover, it is rumored to use the RX1R II EVF, body and shutter as well, plus the upcoming camera may also integrate a 23mm f/1.8 lens and Image stabilization. Additionally, According to the rumor, the Sony RX V is very likely to be announced at CP+ show, February next year in Japan with the asking price more.

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