Blink the eye to capture shots


Have you ever imagined how it would be if you are able to snap pictures just with the blink of your eyes? Yes, of course, now you can take shots of the subjects that matter to you. The leader of imaging solution Sony is aiming to make a contact lens that can be used as digital cameras, just after integrating into one of the human eyes. The little image capturing mechanism will implement image storage capacity and send image data to external device and the man need just to close his eyelids and this tiny camera (contact lens) inside the eye will capture that specific subjects.

In other words, one can enjoy photography with this new contact lens along with correcting the visual issue and appearance, however, the lens will be available in different colors. Unlike the normal contact lenses, the image display that is integrated into this Sony’s contact lens is thin, so that the person with this contact lens doesn’t experience any issue and also able to seize the moments naturally.

Mechanism to take pictures

The mechanism can automatically read conscious and subconscious blinking of your eyes or in simple words, this digital camera inside your eye cannot take the shots when you naturally blink the eyes, you need to put a little effort during blink means intentionally opening and closing the  eyes. Persons using this lens would have no problem in arranging the camera adjustment including aperture and shutter speed and the captured data can be sent to personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The shape of the lens unit inside the contact lens camera will be curved surface, so that users can willingly adjust the contact lens and remove from the eyeball. Other than these, there is a transparent synthetic resin on the external sides of a circuit and display unit integrated by lens, allowing the user smoothly move his eyelid over it.  To measure the difference between voluntary and involuntary blinking, the lens incorporates piezoelectric sensors and also generates energy as per the lens need.

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