Best Youtube Camera of 2015

A camera is a device that can seize anything it reflects on. A camera is needed to seize the sweet memories, a moment of sorrow and moment of every thing that really matters. But the most important part is sharing your happiness with others, In this post we will discuss the best available social camera in the market today.

Sony A5100

The best camera in-terms of price, image quality and features, the camera features 24.3-million-pixel resolution and utilizes larger APS-C sized sensor.

Sony-A5100-Mirrorless-camerAnd this camera possessing all the features that a novice or beginner deserves to have with. Good point-and-shoot modes are available, extensive manual controls offered by high-end enthusiast models, you get continuous shooting speed upto 6fps. ISO range of 25600 can let you to freeze the subjects moving in a low light.

You can also be a good video taker as the camera will allow you to record full HD at 60p. …more than this camera features a low-powered but built-in flash unit, and the high resolution 3″ touchscreen flips out from the body for low/high angled shooting.

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, with support for NFC-enabled devices, is also integrated into the a5100 to support remote camera control and image sharing to linked mobile devices.

Canon N100:

The best camera for a recording Your Yourtube Videos.

Canon powershot

If you’re a photographer and you have to take the shots of your family then the snapshots would be incomplete without you. But this camera can overcome this problem as this powershot is designed with the two cameras the front main camera (a rear camera for camera man selfie) and a  rear camera the photographers will take its own photo while the forward camera seize the whole family and the camera merges both images in one… The mode is available for both still and video recordings, and the sub-shot configurable in three different sizes and four positions.


A built in a 24-110mm f/1.8-5.7 employed by the camera and a 12.1-million-pixel sensor that is similar to that used in the PowerShot S120. The rear side touchscreen is 3-inch across and features a 922k-dot resolution and a hinge that lets it to lean upwards for low angled shooting.The additional Mobile Device Connect Button can connect with Smartphones and PCs by Wi-Fi / NFC easily.

Samsung galaxy camera 2:

Directly upload your images or videos to social websites.

Samsung galaxy 2

Here’s another camera Samsung galaxy camera 2 and we’ll know its specialization its weakness on the further discussion.

This camera is a 16-million-pixel compact sensor that features a 21x 23-483mm f/2.8-5.9 zoom lens. The camera is loaded with  Android 4.3 Jelly Bean ultimatum, it is decorated in such a way that it can take pictures, edited and shared with enormous ease from a single device. 1.6GHz quad-core processor, offers better battery life, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage and big 4.3-inch rear screen. The ISO range of 100-3200 will reduce our efforts to get the freeze subject moving in low light.

Let’s start with its chief specifications the social Samsung galaxy camera 2 can have the ability to behave like a smartphone, With the help of Android OS,  This camera have the ability to directly upload your images to social websites or save your images on dropbox or skydrive directly after clicking, The camera also can connect the device with device online to share images, the other speciality of this WI FI is that it can help you in updating your families, your friends and your closest one of your where about.

Sony Cyber-shot QX30:

The Smartlens.

sony cyber shot

Let’s talk about its features in brief. This Sony Cyber-shot QX30 is good cause it will provide you more than average quality of images.The device has been sealed with a 25-750mm lens escorted by a 20-million-pixel sensor.This device is connected through Wi-Fi to a smartphone or tablet that controls the functions of the camera which then allows live view monitoring and playback of images that has been seized. The images are stored in a memory card in the QX30. The other thing is that the full or low resolution versions can be copied over as they are shot.

Now, it’s good for the users as they don’t have to accompany the whole camera whenever they are in go or just attending any party. You only have to pick the lens and sensor of this camera and the time for your phone to do the remaining work. However the smartphone should be NFC enabled

As this camera can let you to take shots by keeping your smartphone separately.This camera also has the features zoom rocker and shutter release.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5:

Social M4/3 Camera

Panasonic-GM-5The smallest compact camera among the GM-5 series by Panasonic.This camera features a ultra compact design and advance sharing features.


The beginners won’t be the only applicants to use this little camera cause more than this the camera also featured the same sensor and processor as the mid-range Lumix DMC-GX7, and an aggregate emphasized of advanced shooting modes. The ISO ranged upto 25600 and the faster shutter speed 1/16,000sec are fitting to take the shots at low light condtion,the display with 3″ letting to use all the touch functions available in this camera.

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