Best third party lenses for Sony A6500

sony-a6500We have already put the list of best lenses for Sony A6500 in front of you. Now we would like to show you the best recommended list of third party lenses for you outstanding A6500 camera, so that you can pick the best third party lenses and go for wonderful shooting session. Well, before we tell you the best lenses recommendation. Let’s begin with some best features of Sony A6500. In fact, Sony A6500 is APS-C sized 24.2 MP8 Exmor CMOS sensor camera that gives you sharp and crystal-clear images and then its Unmatched AF Capability. Sony A6500 camera utilizes the 4D FOCUS system a Fast Hybrid AF system that combines high-speed phase detection AF with extremely accurate contrast AF and allows it to capture and lock on to moving subjects in as little as 0.05 seconds etc.


 Here is the list of the third party lenses:

Sigma Lenses:-

Sigma 19mm F2.8 DN E

sigma-19mm-f2-8-dn-e  Price of the lens is very low compared to other lenses of same manufacturer (Camera manufacturer), is very logical reason to buy this lens. Then mount the lens on your Sony A6500, then what amazes you most will be the sharpness of the images, which will be truly amazing, extremely sharp and detailed and I think the lens will be fitting unobtrusively with Sony A6500, when you go for street shooting. Saying it a feather like weight might be wrong, but its weight is really light so that even an older photographer or lady photographers can carry it to the destination, plus the lens also lets them to do hand-held work effortlessly for hours.

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Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN E:

sigma-30mm-f2-8-dn-eMust to say, there are numbers of photographers who think of Sigma as just third party lens maker and may not necessarily one of the better ones (may be for the little price tag over the lens). But actually, they didn’t yet use the lens like Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN E that gives you too much at little investment for your Sony A6500. The 30mm lens from Sigma can produce colorful, contrast, sharp and rich detailed images, which are remarkable. I have to say that, when you get your Sony A6500 with Kit lens you should keep this 30mm Sigma lens for backup (Honestly, you will forget to keep the kit lens once you see the bright results of this Sigma lens).

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Tamron Lenses:-

Tamron 18-200 F3.5-6.3

tamron-18-200-f3-5-6-3If you are in the lookout for a more versatile lens for Sony A6500, then this Tamron 18-200 is very appropriate solution that lets you to get into your new experiments of photography. This lens can focus the subjects very fast, even at high ISO or when the amount of light for shooting is very adequate. Tamron 18-200 F3.5-6.3 integrates vibration controls that is great while shooting hand-held gives you crispy and very light blur images.

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Mitakon Lenses:

Mitakon 50mm F0.95-

mitakon-50mm-f0-95what you will basically get from this amazing compact lens is the stunning and sharp lowlight performance. The Mitakon 50mm F0.95 is made of very solid hunk of metal and glass, which makes the lens fairly heavy, but not too much (manageable). Exceptionally fast 50mm lens features an f/0.95 maximum aperture for selective focus control and working in low-light conditions. To support in zone focusing and pre-focusing techniques, both depth of field and distance scales are engraved on the lens etc. Overall, Mitakon 50mm is beautiful, superbly constructed lens that gives you stunning output.

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Rokinon Lenses

Rokinon 8mm F2.8-


rokinon-8mm-f2-8The lens is top notch for the photographers in the lookout for excellent optical quality. If you are planning to get a lens for astrophotography, then this Fisheye lens for Sony E-Mount since it’s relatively fast f/2.8 aperture. Overall, you can really enjoy using this lens even for general purpose photography as it is very sharp.

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