Best Lenses for Fuji X-E3

Fuji X-E3 is newly announced rangefinder-style mirrorless camera that boasts 325 AF points that is superbly great to capture fast moving subjects because the AF points in larger number gives wider coverage of the subject. Moreover, X-E3 can also record 4K video etc. Well, we are here to tell you some of the Best Lenses that you can buy for Fuji X-E3.

We have already done its comparison with all its competing DSLRs and Mirrorless.

Now come to the point

Best lenses for shooting portraits

Fuji XF 56 mm F1.2


With this Fuji XF 56mm users can experience an ultimate lowlight shooting in various conditions when shot with Fuji X-E3. Due to its impressive lowlight shooting capability we recommend this Fuji XF 56 mm F1.2 lens to those photographers who want to capture shots in any evens or in any concerts. The Fuji XF 56 mm F1.2 integrates 11 elements in 8 groups for impressive photography results, plus the design also includes two ED (extra low-dispersion) elements and one double-sided aspherical element, and four elements with a convex surface facing the subject to excellently reduce the spherical and chromatic aberrations, as a results sharp and clear shots of the images can easily be acquired.

Best Macro lens

Fuji 60mm F2.4 XF Macro


Again this Fuji 60mm is optimistic solution for shooting in lowlight conditions that integrates bright aperture of f/2.4. The lens will produce incredible resolutions, shallow Depth of Field along with amazing defocused, or bokeh, despite of its compact size. Blazing sharp and faster AF results will be achieved during Macro photography.

Best wide angle zoom lens

Fuji XF 10-24mm F4 OIS


When you think about shooting great dynamic, landscapes images with rich details from miles of distances then the Fuji XF 10-24mm F4 OIS lens takes the ideal solution, since the lens allows you shooting from ultra wide to standard focal length. Inside the heart of this lens, a sturdy Optical Image Stabilization function has been planted that boosts the ability to work handheld when shooting in low light (suppress the appearance of unwanted camera shakes. To minimize the effect of ghosting the lens incorporates HT-EBC multi-layer coating, plus the lens will also produce smooth and round bokeh effects.

Best Zoom lens

Fuji 55-200mm F3.5-4.8


An extraordinary lens from Fuji is taking the responsibility of giving you the sharp and high resolution images, since the camera incorporates outstanding image stabilization and also gives photographers a fast aperture across the entire zoom range. The Fuji 55-200mm lens incorporates image stabilization mechanism that helps the photographers get Blur-free images in almost any kind of shooting situation. Also, two linear motors have been inserted inside the core of the lens for faster and accurate focusing of the desire subjects, plus for effective control over chromatic aberration, two ED lens elements and one Super ED lens element are also equipped inside the lens.

Best Event-Shooting/ Standard zoom lens

Fuji 18-55mm F2.8-4


This is variable aperture lens that clearly indicates that it can deliver excellent performance at all focal lengths, and at most apertures. At F2.8-4 wide open the lens captures beautiful bokeh along with tremendous lowlight performance. This high optical glass consists of 14 elements in 10 groups, including 3 aspherical lenses and 1 extra low dispersion element as well as a seven-blade rounded diaphragm. Moreover, the lens also incorporates OIS to provide image stabilization equivalent to 4 stops that effectively reduces the camera shake problems.

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