Best Entry level DSLR of 2014

Finally the year is coming to an end so we have decided to distribute the crown of best camera in-its class based on major specification all these three camera…

Best Entry level DSLR 1

Among all the four cameras Nikon D3300 features a 24 megapixels resolution, therefore it will deliver comparatively high quality images which can be further processed.

Best Entry level DSLR 2

Almost all the four cameras have equal sized sensor. Bigger sensor captures more light while creating images and hence result in better quality images and videos with rich detail and higher color depth.

Best Entry level DSLR 3

Among the above mentioned cameras only Nikon D3300 is designed in such a way that it eradicates the use of Optical Low Pass filter and hence ensures the delivery of excellently sharp and clear image that does not get distorted even after processing.

Best Entry level DSLR 4

Based on the megapixels resolution and top shooting speed the Nikon D3300 results to have the fastest Image Processor among all the four cameras.

Best Entry level DSLR 5

Sony A3000 has the maximum number of AF point among all the four cameras. Higher number of AF points allows the user to acquire fast and precise AF.

Best Entry level DSLR 6

Among the above mentioned 4 cameras Pentax K-S1 has the best ISO sensitivity range. The lowest ISO sensitivity of 100 allows the user to capture crisp and clear photos in normal lightning conditions. Whereas, the higher ISO range helps the user in getting notably clear and sharp images while shooting in poor lightning conditions or while capturing fast actions.

Best Entry level DSLR 7

Among all the four cameras, NikonD3300, Canon 1200D and Pentax K-S1 offers a hybrid AF system that comprises of both contrast detect and phase detect method. The phase detect method is considered ideal for acquiring focus quickly while the contrast detect method fine tunes the focused area.

Best Entry level DSLR 8

Among all the four cameras Pentax K-S1 has the fastest shutter speed that allows it to capture exceptionally sharp images with uttermost clarity. The fast shutter speed reduces the effect of motion blur on the image caused by the movement of camera.

Best Entry level DSLR 9

The Pentax K-S1 offers the top shooting speed of 5.4 fps that places it on the top of the list among the four listed cameras. The high shooting speed allows the user to capture shots at a much faster rate.

Best Entry level DSLR 10

Nikon D3300 and Sony A3000 captures full HD 1080p videos up to 60fps that places these two on the top of the list. However, Sony A3000 will allow the user to acquire quick AF during video recording.

Best Professional Compact Camera 11

Among all the four cameras both Nikon D3300 and Pentax K-S1 offers best LCD display monitor. both the cameras embodies a 3″ LCD monitor with a 921k dot pixel density.

Best Entry level DSLR 12

An Optical  Pentamirror viewfinder is considered to be better than the Electronic viewfinder, therefore Nikon D3300, Canon 1200D and Pentax K-S1 offer better viewfinder.

Best Entry level DSLR 13

While talking of connectivity Pentax K-S1 is the leader among all four. K-S1 features Eye-Fi that enables wireless transfer of images and videos from camera to computer or any other Smartphone.

Best Entry level DSLR 14

Among all the four cameras Nikon D3300 has the maximum battery life and allows the user to take up to 700 shots in one battery cycle. Better battery life makes it ideal for photographers that usually travels a lot.

Best Entry level DSLR 15

The Pentax K-S1 has the smallest dimension and hence it’s easy to carry it.

Best Entry level DSLR 16


Sony A3000 is the most light-weighing camera among all the four cameras.

Best Entry level DSLR 17

Sony A 3000 is the lowest priced camera among all the four cameras.

Recommendation:Based on the above comparison we recommend you to buy Nikon D3300.

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