Best Canon Full frame DSLR lenses.

We hope you are a Canon Full Frame DSLR user and maybe you are seeking a lens with robust specification for you lovable Canon camera, but due to lack of appropriate knowledge or reviews about the best lenses you have not yet purchased it. So here we are making a list of the canon lenses those obviously help you in choosing the best lens for Canon FF DSLR and through which your own identity must come through your photos.


Best shooting all-rounder lens for Canon DSLR.

Canon 24-70mm f2.8 II-

The entire optics applied in this lens is remarkable that promise you for the best clarity in the image quality and durability, great lens for portrait as well as landscape photography. Robust features inside the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 II lens enable the photographers to get their work easily done at the difficult lowlight situations. Though the lens is compact but worth every penny that allows you to get the close-up shots of sports or wildlife actions.


Best Macro lens your Money can buy.

Canon EF-100mm F/2.8L-

Whether it is resolution, bokeh or fast tracking subject this macro lens does appreciable Jobs, everywhere. Though the lens is little older but still provides the highest level of optical quality. Features are so great that Canon EF-100mm F/2.8L will not leave any space to show your disappointment in image quality (Sharp images). Image stabilization has also been implemented into the lens, which is too inventive to handle your camera shake problems and offers you to get the close-ups of your desired subjects without using tripod.


Best Portrait lens for your EF DSLR

Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM ART:-


This lens is perfect for portrait wedding, family photography. It is sharp, contrast comes with smooth focus. It provides better results in all aspects like center sharpness, corner sharpness and its build quality. It is remarkable and comes with sharp images even at f/1.4 and has very low chromatic aberration.

It produces magnificent images in low light conditions with shallower DOFs. It produces sharp images even at wide open aperture.  It’s wide aperture is perfect for low-light conditions and creates super creamy bokeh effect. It is suitable for capturing both stills and video.

The users can get impressive image quality even at aperture F1.4. It is very sharp even in corners at f/2.8 or more. It comes with Controlable flare with backlit subjects. Since, it is sharp at all apertures.

Best Portrait Lens for Shooting Portrait

Canon EF-85 f/1.2L II USM-

First of all, we will give more grades to this lens for its strong constructions that was made to show us the incredible optical performance at any spots. Anyway, this Canon EF-85 f/1.2L II USM lens is no longer new but photographers know it for its ideal performance in lowlight as well as the remarkable lens for portrait photography. A Countless number of photographers across the world get the best utilize of this lens and said it the favorite lens of all time. And if we talk about the lens’ image quality then it is just spectacular and AF is very accurate and bokeh is soft and creamy.


Best Super wide angle lens for Canon Full Frame DSLR-

Sigma 24mm 1.4 ART:-



For capturing a variety of photography subjects, including cityscapes, mountain ranges astrophotography and weddings and is great for videography work as well, the lens is just unbelievable when it comes to performance . An excellent lens for indoor photography in lowlight and creates beautiful bokeh . Sigma 24mm offers us high class performance while capturing images and focusing actions are also done so quickly.


Best Super-Wide angle Lens

Canon EF 8-15mm F/4L USM fisheye-

This fisheye zoom lens offers both circular and full frame images. After all, the lens is providing outstanding image quality, constant aperture throughout the zoom range and a robust design for consistent shooting in struggling weather conditions. EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM is wide angle zoom lens and offers accurate focus so that a photographer can take sports and architecture shots very well.


Best Everyday Zoom lens

Canon EF 70-300MM f/4-5.6 L IS lens-

Make your travel much funnier with this compact (143mm) design EF 70-300MM f/4-5.6 L IS lens. The professional photographers can snap a photo with rich details to capture portraits, nature and action shots. This lens has been advanced with optical Image Stabilizer (IS), which corrects the camera shake problem enabling sharp images even when shooting at maximum zoom or in low light conditions, using slower shutter speeds than would usually be possible with handheld shooting.


Canon Best Lens for Shooting Event and Sports

Canon 70-200mm F2.8 ISL II:-


The quality of the images with this lens is suburb. It comes with great bokeh and captures awesome images fast and accurate. It has the constant aperture 2.8, which makes it suitable for capturing images in low-light conditions.

It provides mid-range telephoto zoom focal length for multiple photographic purposes. It is suitable for sports, event, wildlife, street, portrait and wedding photography.

It has the aperture F/2.8, which helps the camera sensor by allowing more light into the lens for cleaner images. it provides excellent focal length to capture such subjects which are further away from the user. It’s both the image stabilization and the autofocus mechanics works smoothly with better result.

Hence, the superior quality, speed and versatility of the EF 70-200mm F/2.8L IS II USM makes it one of the best and favorite among the photographers for more than 21 years.


Best Long Zoom Lens for Canon Fullframe Camera

Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3DG HSM sports:-



It is a sharpest lens of that particular range. The lens performs very well even at 600mm, so you get excellent performance through out the entire focal length .It is suitable for capturing wildlife, sports and action photography.

It’s focus is very fast and sharp in low light conditions. It produces good bokeh for a f/6.3 lens and faster AF speed during variable light conditions.

It has great -built and quick focus lock. There is some lens creep but the handy lock switches resolve it neatly. It is well placed so that the users can quickly lock or unlock the position of the zoom.

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