Best and most popular Digital cameras of 2016

We are in the third quarter of 2016 and there are almost five months left to finish this year. But, maybe just like us, many of you are also willing to know the name of the cameras that are most liked, admired, or enjoyed by the photographers around the world or in simple words popular among the sections of photographers.

It will be excited to see whether or not your camera is on the list. So, lock your eyes with this article and  see the name of those cameras.

Canon 1300D – Most Popular Camera of 2016

Canon 1300D

For your knowledge, Canon 1300D is the most searched camera over the web. Readers, especially the photographers around the world are searching much more about Canon 1300D; they often read the reviews and also ask questions. Anyway, Canon 1300D is an entry level camera with extraordinary specs that impress the entry- level photographers with exceptional picture quality, clarity and colors.

Nikon D3300 – Discontinued, but still a killer deal


We don’t see any downfall in the selling rate of this legendary D3300 camera from Nikon, even after two years since its announcement. However, the camera has been officially discontinued and its successor is next-in-line and probably Nikon will soon introduce it. However, it is Nikon’s unique piece that implements excellent specifications and the most recommended camera to anyone starting out with DSLR.


Canon 80D – Even better sensor than Canon 7D Mark II, Just Grab it camera for professional

Canon EOS 80DThe Canon 80D was released in this current year, but the camera succeeded to leave a mark and its impressed the photographers much more within this little timeframe. Canon 80D is high-end APS-C camera and the Dual Pixel AF mode in live view that promises for nice video and certain still applications. However, the camera is also fabulous choice for Landscape photographers too.


Canon 6D – World Most Popluar Entry Level Fullframe camera under your reach

Canon 6DProbably, Canon will launch 6D Mark II in 2017, but its sibling or the current Canon 6D, which is an entry-level full frame camera, being widely used by the photographers still now. The sports photographers really appreciated this camera, because there is very lesser noise and AF performance is truly amazing. Also, the ease of use for this camera is incredible.


Nikon D7200 – One of the best APS-C DSLRs Nikon ever Made till now

Nikon-D7200-frontNikon D7200 is master in its class that gives incredible image quality, faster AF results and the camera is highly demanded by the serious photographers. This high-end APSC camera can able to take sharp and stunning images even under the lowlight conditions, means ISO is decent. In one words you will be happy with its purchase.


Nikon D750 – Best Professional Camera with Advance AF Capability

Nikon-D750 Finally, Nikon D750 has managed to get its position in the list of most popular cameras of 2016. Nikon D750 is a Mid- range DSLR camera that has already spent over two years among the photographers and the camera earned bundle of splendid remarks from the reviewers so far. You will be astonished with the picture quality that will be sharp and clear.

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