Best all purposes lens for Canon 750D/T6i

In maximum cases it is seen that a photographer wants a lens that can fit for all kinds of shooting. So many lenses are available in the market, but which one will better fit to our camera confuses us. Well, if you are one who uses Canon 750D and searching such kind of lenses can give an all round performance, then here we are suggesting the name of the two lenses that will give a space to promote your photography with Canon 750D to the next level

Sigma 18-55mm f/1.8-

sigma_18_35mmThe first lens will be sigma 18-55mm f/1.8, which is simply superb. The biggest advantage of this  Sigma 18-55mm f/1.8 lens that it features constant bright aperture throughout the focal length and due to the help of F 1.8 aperture, performance in low light is incredible and incomparable. If you take a look to the whole construction of the lens then lens has four aspherical elements as well as lens also integrates five innovative Low Dispersion (SLD) glass elements that help to minimize different unwanted aberrations and distortions throughout the zoom range with maintaining greater image sharpness and clarity. Hyper Sonic AF Motor incorporated into the design of this lens to provide the users a fast, silent and accurate AF which is further well suited for fabulous video applications. Sigma 18-55mm f/1.8 is the lens widely known for the superior lowlight performances that is why the lens can also be used in the weddings. Landscape photographers can also use this lens.

17-55 F2.8 (Canon EF-S)-

Untitled-1If you are constantly troubled by the AF problem by using other lens in your Beloved Canon 750D then  this Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens is the best solution, you will be amazed with the performance. The lens that provides edge to edge sharpness in the critical conditions of shooting as well as the contribution of 3-stop Image Stabilization and outstanding focal length range, is one of the best general purposes lens available for 750D. 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens uses Ring-type Ultrasonic Autofocus Motor (USM) that assures fast and quite AF with excellent accuracy. For low light shooting the fast, constant maximum aperture of f/2.8 is enough to satisfy one’s conception, utilizing fast shutter speeds and for shallow depth of field control.

The breath taking color and sharpness are just unsurpassed. A bit bulky weight of this lens is a upset point but doesn’t matter, the lens is handy in all kinds of shooting situation just use and enjoy the moment of photography with 750D.

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