Beginning photography Equipment

Choosing all the essentials gears at a single time is a bit difficult task for the beginners since they are completely new to the vast chapter of photography world. In general, photographers learn everything gradually about the photography and with passing times and constant shooting the photographers become  expert in that specific field. But, it is somehow necessary to consider a few useful equipment so that they face no problem while shooting in the beginning stage.

Let’s see, what those necessary tools are?

Beginning photography Equipment

Camera- Camera is the first thing with which you can begin your photography journey and a good camera always lets you to feel the passion of shooting.

Nikon D3300Though, camera is an important gear but, in general, we see beginners ask for high-end DSLRs (a misconception among the beginners, think they can shoot better with these high-end cameras), which are high end and then they realize trouble shooting with these D-SLR cameras because they don’t know how to use it well. That’s why we would suggest our readers that there a lot of good cameras for the beginners around the market like Canon 1300D and Nikon D3300.

Lenses- When you have already decided to take photography seriously then we must say that a camera is nothing without a best lens. Suppose, you invested much more on camera and took a fuse lens, then the combination obviously gets imbalanced. And if you are unable to get standard images and  getting some undesirable photography results, unfortunately, your photography interest may decrease.


You can ask why lens has crucial place in photography. Because a lens has a lot to do in shooting like providing sharp images, provides beautiful bokeh etc. Best lenses for Nikon D3300 and Canon 1300 D

Tripod- Many of today’s lenses are coming with built in Image stabilization that helps the shooters to get blur free images, which generally arise due to unwanted camera shake problems. But, not every camera incorporates image stabilization, so in these cases a tripod is a fabulous equipment that helps you for consistent shooting. But maybe due to carrying problem or some other reasons, photographers doesn’t like to use it intentionally. After all, a tripod is much essential gear and we would ask you to invest in this tripod too.  (best tripod for 1300D)


tripodAnd then the ballhead, which is also a required thing as tripod is, which locates the camera’s position so well and you can go for an incredible shootings.


hoya filter

Basically, photographers prefers , UV filters and Polarizing filters but polarizing filters are great and just inventive that filtering out the unusual light,  enables to reduce reflections and glare that has become polarized due to reflection from a non-metallic surface.  It improves overall images quality in two different ways by increasing color contrast as well as saturation and by reducing reflection. However, polarizing filter is ideal to use with digital cameras and autofocus lenses.

As you are beginner so one thing you should know that a filter of lower quality can ruin your image standard, so go for better filters and keep going with the photography.


speedlightWill you stop shooting when you see the lighting conditions becomes fade? We say no, Instead of stop shooting you need to be prepared to face such kind of situations. So, you can get exceptional quality of images even in lowlight by owning external flash. This external flash is not only to help you in lowlight conditions but much effective for portraits and still-life photography too.

Keep additional batteries with you

Nikon-EN-EL15-BATTERYIt’s a good idea to keep one to two or three extra batteries in your photography kit and one charger is enough. Continue shooting may drain your batteries immediately, so use this extra battery for unendingly shooting. Battery for Canon 1300D

Extra Memory cards

Sony A6300 memory cardAtleast two memory cards are sufficient to store all your videos and images that you captures after hours of relentless shooting. We would also like to recommend you to keep memory cards of premium quality that you can quickly load onto the computer. Memory card if you buy Canon 1300D.

We have prepared this article to help the beginners who want a sensational start in their photography career. These all were the must have gears that an entry-level photographer should begin with.

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