Another Fuji Instax SQ camera to come soon?

Fuji Instax SQ10 square has already been announced and recently its shipping will also be started. Excitingly, a rumor recently posted online suggested that there is probably another Intax SQ camera to be announced very soon. Why it looks like there is another instax SQ camera to come in the Future? Because according to the Fujiaddict, the currently Fuji Instax SQ10 square doesn’t fulfill the expectations of the most users in terms of specifications.

“The Instax SQ10 design isn’t a hybrid analog+digital design, but rather a point and shoot digital camera+Instax Square printer, which reduces the size of the lens needed since the film isn’t being exposed directly. This arguably makes Instax Square an inferior format to Instax Mini or Wide at this time, since you are printing camera phone images with a printer, compared to exposing a large piece of modern instant film.”

Quote from Fuji Addict:

Hopefully, we see a true analog Instax Square in the future and an actually analog+digital hybrid implementation of Instax.



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