Amazing new camera app for iOS users


Recently a new app was launched by a group of landscape photographers known as “One of a kind photography adventures”. This free iOS app has brought a revolution in the ways with which photographers catalog, navigate, and share locations around the world. While creating a detailed database for location based photography projects the app helps the users in enormous ways.


While the other apps allows the user to add photo and locations only, this new app displays a description of the place, its history and many other options that the photographers opt. to display. The unique feature of the app also provides specific driving direction by the help of Google maps. Additionally the photographers can find all the camera settings, filters, tripods, and other gear including current weather forecast, time of day, location of the sun at the time of taking shot and it also displays tips and guidance for the photographer.


The app is proven to be good companion for travelers too as it give a complete introduction about the place and its history, and additionally it also can be used as a GPS device.


This app is created with the review and ideas of world class landscape photographers around the globe. Every photographer added their images and reviews for different places they’ve shoot at in order to provide some idea for the next person shooting there. Presently more than 300 locations have been added to the app but still it requires a lot of places to be added to it. The app has requested to photographers that they can add a review of the place with some images onto the app’s website. Currently the users can download the app free of cost from the apple store.

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