Affordable Filter Holderfor Created with 3D Printing


Photographers who want to expand their gear collection without much affecting their pocket can now take the help of 3D printing. A recent example can be seen in the form of an affordable filter holder created by Christian Steinkruger a 3D printing hobbyist and photographer and another photographer named Patrick Ludolph.


Ludolph with an idea of creating an affordable filter holder sent full measurements of the lens to Christian. Than after a hard work of 50 hours Christian finally came up with the final product.

3D-printer-holder-3 3D-printer-holder-4

Christian says, during these 50 hours everytime he created a design he used to show it to Ludolph for errors and adjustments and finally they came up with the final product. The final product could hold up to two 150mm square filters. The filter was designed for a Nikon lens.


Ludolph’s text over Nikon Rumors:

It fits perfectly on the lens and my Haida 1000x ND filter fits perfectly in the holder. You have to push the holder back until the glass hits the lens hood to have nearly no vignette. At 14mm there is only minimum vignetting in the image […]

Yes, it is big, but lightweight and costs only a fraction of the Lee solution.

sample images:

Image courtesy: Patrick Ludolph and Christian Steinkrüger    

3D-printer-holder-sample3 3D-printer-holder-sample2 3D-printer-holder-sample1

This holder is presently being sold with a price tag of $124 in Europe.

as seen on petapixel

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