A Unique Project by a Photographer- When a Chair Looks Like As People

If we do experiment with our skill of photography based on our imagination than it will definitely give us some new flavor, reasons to think broadly.


Such type of experiment was done by the winner of the 2014 Prix de la Photographie Paris award  , photographer Horia Manolache and got the inspiration from a white chair with a broken arm. He imagined the broken chair as a pretty woman, at the same time countless thoughts were running in his mind including the age, look and his imagination about the chair was totally converted into a complete story.


After one year he was ready to complete the project which was running in his mind after seeing the broken chair. He started to make his imagination into reality which was full of series of images in his mind by capturing different images of chairs; in such a way that he put life in the images which defines the story of different natures of characters like the proud, elegant or childish.

image 3

His experiment was also supported by his luck as the feeling of his imagination was also matched with the people and clothes in real world.



In his view, he never thought to show the similarity between the chair and people but tried to explain that all the living or non living things of the world say something and if we listen with not our ears but with the power of our artistic imagination and alertness,we will come with a series of stories which will definitely fit our cameras with the production of impressive and awesome images .

image 4

Such type of experiment will definitely help the emerging photographers and the newcomer to make their photography sharp and magnificent .The one thing you should also remember that the costly camera will not make you a world-fame photographers but the dedication towards your work, lots of skills, perfect knowledge of good composition and lots of experience added by your productive ideas will lift you what you dream.


image 6

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