7 Best Digital cameras in 2017


One after another digital cameras have been announced in last couple of years not all but some created historic impact in the Digital camera world with the remarkable specifications and groundbreaking imaging performance. Cameras like Sony A7R II, Nikon D500 and latest announced Panasonic GH5 have been chosen the best of all digital cameras available around in the present time. Honestly speaking, replacement for Sony A7R II was still not Found, which is emerging as the great camera that tasted a huge commercial success throughout the world with its unbeaten and staggering performance. Nikon D500 is also not short of any astounding and number third position holder, Panasonic GH5 that is recognized as only choice for the Cinematographers.  Well, now take a look at the series of cameras we listed below and we chose the best 7 and hope you would also like it…

Here is the list that contains the world’s 7 best Digital cameras



1. Sony A7R II
2.  Nikon D500
3.  Panasonic GH5
4.  Sony RX100 v
5.  Sony RX1R II
6.  Sony RX10 III
7.  Fuji X70

1. Sony A7R II


The crown itself wants to be in the head of Sony A7R II because the camera gives you much more than your expectations. Low-Light performance is just class-leading since the camera employs BSI full-frame CMOS sensor, plus the Dynamic range is outstanding. You might experience a little cons shooting 4K with other cameras, but staggering sharp 4K videos is surely possible with 35mm Full-Frame Sony A7R II. One of the crucial reasons that lets the camera to remain holding the front position in the list is its Ground-Breaking performance with the third Party lens because we see a lot of issue in other cameras as soon we use the third Party lenses. The a7R II offers the widest coverage of phase-detect AF (PDAF) points of any full-frame camera, 399 focal-plane phase-detection AF points that works together with 25 contrast AF points to track the rapid moving subjects instantly and accurately.

Have a look at the sample images of Sony A7R II


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Sony A7R II $2,898.00

2. Nikon D500

Yeah, Baby D5 is here! Though you can call it smaller version of D5 but its leading edge performance in low light areas and its other incredible imaging works inherently deserving the second Position in our list. At Past, means before the release of Nikon D500, most of the photographers almost believed that Nikon D7200 was the replacement camera for Nikon D300s, but Nikon surprised everyone by announcing this astonishing D500 camera that we frankly call it a massive replacement (Well done Nikon!). Honestly, Nikon D5 is high-end professional level DSLR camera that might be out of reach to many photographers (Means not attainable) and that is why Nikon released this wonderful D500 camera with the trim down specs of D5. You can see Nikon D5 reaches the ISO range of more than 3 Millions (328000), whereas Nikon D5 consumes 164000 (one little difference).

Rain’s drops on leaves of yellow rose (Image credit)

Whose basic priority is the image quality then D500 must impress them offers high quality Raw and JPEG. Normally, what we see is that at highest burst rate, most of the cameras fail to achieve superlative Autofocus Performance, but this is not with the case of Nikon D500 that allows you achieve the staggering AF performance even at 10FPS. Excitingly, the D500 has Joystick implemented that helps the users to select the AF points much faster. Its Dynamic range and high ISO performance are just expensive than any other APS-C camera available around. At last, Its 4K video performance and moreover its 4K video footage are just impressive.

Snow Bunting (Image Credit)

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Nikon D500 $1,896.95

3. Panasonic GH5

Panasonic GH5 image

Panasonic GH5

In one line – The camera for Cinematographers. Yes! Panasonic GH5 offers you the video recording capabilities of 4K (No time Bound) @60fps (3840 x 2160p @60fps), never before like any camera in the past. Well, 4K video is its excellent part, but its AF system is completely astonishing that however yields only contrast detect system but it lock down onto the subjects as quick as 0.05 s ( Really blazing fast!) and its DFD hardware (Depth From Focus) remarkably improves the tracking performance. Moreover, 20.3 megapixels, while also removing the low-pass filter helps you acquire sharp and crystal clear images and its 5-AXIS image stabilization reduces the camera shakes very effectively, resulting in crisp and blur free images while shooting at slower shutter speed etc.

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Panasonic GH5 $1,997.00

4. Sony RX100 V

Sony RX100 V

This Pocket-Sized Sony RX100V is full of incredible specifications, specifically, its class-leading 315-point phase detection AF system then its 24fps burst shooting and 4K video recording capabilities. All the sophisticated specifications are beyond expectations in this small sized camera that gives you a nice point-and-shoot experience. It is true that Sony RX100 v is a bit expensive but its cutting edge performance makes it worth.

Sample images of Sony RX100V


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Sony RX100V $948.00

5. Sony RX1R II

Due to its high price level we keep it in the number fifth, but it is Sony’s one of the remarkable Full-Frame cameras ever produced by them. Not only Sony’s, but it already outshined a number of cameras that comes in its range. Sony RX1R II promises you to deliver excellent image quality since it utilizes a back-illuminated 35mm full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor with approx. 42.4 effective megapixels that works together with a powerful BIONZ X processing engine and sensitivity (ISO 100-25600, expandable to 50 – 102400) with wide dynamic range. Pin-Point focus will be achieved due to Fast Hybrid AF capabilities of camera in which the sensor features 399 focal-plane phase-detection AF points that cover about 45% of the image area that work together with 25 contrast AF points to achieve astonishing focus response that is about 30% faster than the original model. One of the world’s smallest Full-Frame cameras with epic imaging performance.

Sample Images of Sony RX1R II

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Sony RX1R II $3,298.00

6. Sony RX10 III

Sony RX10 III

The Sony RX10 II is optically excellent camera that implements 1″-type stacked sensor provides excellent dynamic range and ISO performance. Honestly, the users can get the same quality of videos as Stills, means Excellent! Why Sony is solid video camera? Because it is offering excellent 4K/30p output, high-frame rate video at up to 960 fps, and full HD at 120 fps. Moreover, due to its small size you can carry it with you whenever you are on the go, plus due to same 1″-type stacked CMOS sensor as of its predecessor, Sony RX10 II, it can give you tuck sharp images with stunning details. In addition, its Dynamic range and high ISO performance is truly impressive. On the other hand, the camera has contrast detect sensor AF system means a depth tracking of the subjects is quite easier.

Sample Images of Sony RX10 III

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Sony RX10 III $1,298.00

7. Fuji X70

Fuji X70

Fuji X70 is the camera for the travelers and those travelers who basically love image quality because under the affordable price range Fuji X100F comes with APS-C sized X-Trans CMOS sensor enables the users to acquire sharp and crystal clear images, no matter where the situations of shooting is. well, X70 comes with 16.3MP X-Trans CMOS II APS-C sensor and 77-point hybrid autofocus system (49 PDAF+CDAF points, plus 28 CDAF). In simple words, a camera that takes images and allow you to share it with your friends and relatives etc.

Sample Images of Fuji X-70

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Fuji X70 $699.95


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