5 Tips For Shooting Flowers

5 Tips For Shooting Flowers photography guide is shared by Topfive contest winner Gema Ibarra – Photographer, dancer and choreographer


1. Choose the flower or flowers that you like, the shape, colors, beauty ….. individually or several at once.

2. Think about the light – it’s technically the most important element to get the best result.

3. Visualise the shot before actually taking any photo, what you really want to see and express in your picture. Sometimes it is better to see a dream rather than actual reality.

4. Take your time – to see the best framing and light that favours the chosen flowers.

5. Take the picture.


 from the desk of Gema Ibarra

What advice do you have for photographers just starting out?

Think how far you want to go. It is very easy to start quickly in the world of photography today, as we are continually exposed to electronic devices, such as mobile phones that allow us to shoot photos all the time without thinking… catching only reality. And make no mistake – everyone thinks they’re a “photographer”.

But you have to understood that as in any artistic discipline, to push a button to get a picture is something everyone can do, but to push that same button to get a unique photograph that makes you see a dream is not exactly quite so simple. So my only advice really is that technique is only technique – that everyone can learn, but to have artistic talent is what can really make you unique and stand out from everyone else.

Tell us bit about yourself

I love challenges in life, and in photography and in my passion for dance I have been able to unite the two artistic parts of my life with different forms of expression. Photography makes me feel like the most insignificant object can make itself seem to express an emotion, and how to make dancers seem to take each movement in each photo and make you feel that you’re dancing.

I’m mainly interested in the photography of objects, flowers, landscapes, and, if there is a very good model in front of me, portraits.

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