Nikon DF2 to feature 20MP Full-Frame FX CMOS Sensor

Nikon-DF-image-11Nikon DF was announced on Dec6, 2013, So DF is almost 3 years old and the time has arrived that Nikon should upgrade its DF camera .
Nikon DF was announced with a 16 MP fullframe sensor and Expeed 3 image processor. The Camera features 39 point AF system and Native ISO 12800, Extended to ISO 204800.

In the next version of Nikon DF camera we do expect same or better sensor and image processor as of Nikon D5 camera, but what about the ISO range of Nikon DF2 ?

Even in one-stop increment in Nikon D5 ISO will result 6560000 ISO rating, that touches the 6.5 Million mark.

We also expect that Nikon will replace Multi-CAM 4800 39-Point AF Sensor with Multi-CAM 20K 153-Point AF System, that will improve the AF system of the camera.

Same as the previous version we don’t gonna see video recording modes in DF2, a dedicated camera for still shooters only.

Take a look at the expected core specification

  • 20.8MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor / possibly same as of Nikon DF2
  • EXPEED 5 Image Processor
  • No Video Multi-CAM 20K 153-Point AF System
  • ISO 3280000 / Or may be ISO 6560000
  • 14-Bit Raw Files and 12-Bit Raw S Format
  • 6fps continuous shooting
  • Mechanical Exposure Control Dials
  • Compatible with AI and Non-AI Lenses
  • Rugged Magnesium Alloy Body

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7 comments to Nikon DF2 to feature 20MP Full-Frame FX CMOS Sensor

  • Barry Williams

    It would be nice if they would get rid of the AA filter. The benefits of not having it far outweigh the reasons to have it.

  • Shirish Shete

    The DF is an excellent camera except for the sluggish focusing I do hope Nikon addresses it. I t is a camera I am totally in love with.

  • Upgrade the AF to the D500 ability, give us 1/8000s shutter speed, and for using manual focusing lenses, a mirrorless camera would be nice with a “silent mode”, but at least a hybrid EVF so we can use Focus Magnification – and an option for “auto live view” on the rear LCD when we pull the camera away from the viewfinder. Boom! My perfect camera. 😀

  • LAWRENCE Lasich

    Since it is made for older lenses, it needs a largest view finder possible, like my old OM1’s had, to help with manual focusing & interchangeable screens. I would also like a tougher full mag body and a D5 sensor. I had to put a 1:2x eye piece on mine to focus better with my older 600mm F5.6. I almost never use multi focus (dancing around) points. It is just annoying to me. I hope they keep it relatively simple, so many now new features mean nothing to me perhaps because I learned how to shoot before a computer was used.

  • Themos Demetriou

    I did not buy the Nikon Df for two minor issues: it does not have a GPS and does not offer 1:1 or 16:9 aspect ratios. Having to plug an external GPS or be offered ‘guides’ on the rear LCD is in my view an unnecessary handicap.

  • Thowlights

    I WIsh df2 could use the af points to focus using manual focus lenses by half press, and full press to the desired focus and shot automatically when in focus is achieve in manual focus. Also wish the could release al full manual focus lens only camera dfm2 🙂

  • Shehzad

    i wish they make Df2 to be smaller, more FM2 like, and take away some more features. For those who wants more features like faster autofocus, movies, etc, there are so many excellent Nikon DSLR cameras like D5, D810, etc. Let this be more pure, smaller, lighter and less intrusive, because after all, that is the point of Df. Isn’t it?

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