10 Photography Tips For Beginners


Women Photographer by Pedro Ribeiro Simões

Take a look at the basic guide that will sure help you to improve your photography.

Don’t run for expensive equipment: some users believe that buying the most expensive equipments, alone can help them in getting high quality images but it is not so, what is important is that you must know the correct way to use the equipments you have. We’ve seen a lot of images which were highly appreciated and were taken with a normal point and shoot camera. So it is recommended to begin with an entry level gear and upgrade it as your knowledge and experience increases.

Using a tripod: in the beginning users hand is not habituated to hold the camera properly or for a long time, then it is recommended to use a tripod for shooting. It also helps the users with shaky hands to get highly stabilized images.

Take your cameras wherever you go: if you are going somewhere tries to keep your camera with you. It is seen that mostly users miss great shots due to the unavailability of camera at that moment. But if you forget to take your camera with you than try to take an image note of the subject so that you can return to that place with your regular camera and take the shot.

Prepare notes of the desirable shots: if your condition doesn’t allow you to carry a camera with you, keep a notebook with you and make notes of the subjects you wanted to shoot so that you can return back to that location and shoot the desired subjects. Several cell-phone apps also allow you to note down stuffs.

Try to look for subjects in your regular surrounding: one of the most common mistakes done by users is that they overlook their regular surrounding while searching for subjects. For example: one can find a lot of innovative ideas while looking at his living room carefully.

Keep your knowledge updated: make learning a process of your daily routine. The most important things for a photographer are innovation and inspiration. Every day you get to learn something new in the field of photography, all you need is to look at stuffs with the eye of a photographer and always keep your mind ready to learn something new.

Keep experimenting with your camera’s setting: the best way to know each feature of your camera is to keep using different settings. This sometimes provides you several wonderful features that you were unaware of. Using different settings also allows you to check what effects suit on the theme of your photography.

Take advantage of free resources available: several online websites offer tips and tutorials for photographers. These online resources turn out to be really useful for beginners that do not want to invest much in learning. Apart from these tips and tutorials websites like flickr and instagram offer online image sharing with tips and tutorials.

Keep your basics strong: apply more pressure in learning the basics of photography. Keep following the writes and articles of several.

Take photos regularly: keep taking shots on a regular basis this will improve your photography skills. Try to get approval or compliments by any pro. Photographer.

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